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Thermoforming Operations

Eger Products Inc. offers custom thermoforming and part finishing for plastic part manufacturing, prototyping, and plastic part fabrication. Custom Thermoforming plastics, Pressure Forming plastics and Vacuum Forming plastics processes are available. From limited quantities to large runs we can meet all of your Thermoforming needs up to a 10’ x 6’ part. We specialize in thick gauge plastic parts and value added secondary operations.With ISO 9001:2008 certification, 4 Thermoforming Machines and (4) 5-axis CNC trim tables we are the perfect fit for all of your Thermoforming needs.

Thermoforming Processes

We offer Custom Thermoforming, Pressure Forming and Vacuum Forming production and finishing for:

  • Thick-Gauge Plastic Parts
  • Enclosures
  • Plastic Part Manufacturing / Fabrication
  • Prototype Part Manufacturing
  • Short-Run Plastic Part Manufacturing
  • Plastic Part Finishing
vacuum forming plastics

Thermoforming Industries & Applications

Thermoforming industries and applications include a broad range of OEM companies from automotive to waste management. With a wide variety of materials to choose from we can meet your specifications and requirements, every time. From product design to tooling, consistent molding and precision CNC trimming operations – Eger Products stands out when quality products at a reasonable cost are required.

Some common thermoforming industries and applications are:

  • Disposable Food Packaging
  • Consumer Goods Packaging
  • Computer, Industrial and Medical
  • Aerospace, Automotive and Marine

New Product Development

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