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New! Eger Products is Now Offering Porcelain Insulators
and Porcelain Transformer & Switchgear Bushings.

Eger is pleased to offer the highest quality porcelain insulators, transformer & switchgear bushings. In keeping with our commitment to quality, unmatched capabilities and superior delivery, our line of products are made of the highest quality porcelain available, and manufactured under the strictest standards.

Porcelain Insulator
Porcelain Insulators

Eger Products' Unmatched Capabilities, Quality Commitment & Superior Delivery make us the manufacturer of choice.

Our porcelain insulators will provide years of reliable and consistent performance in the most rugged environments. Built to withstand corrosive saltwater environments or petrochemical facilities, punishing heat and cold temperatures, and seismically active locations, porcelain insulators are the insulator of choice throughout the Global Electric Power Industry.

In order to better serve our customers, we stock porcelain insulators in industry-standard sizes. We have dozens of sizes in stock and available for shipping directly to your facility.

Our Porcelain Insulator product line includes:

A20 Porcelain Bus Insulators
A30 Porcelain Bus Insulators
Porcelain Standoff Insulators
Porcelain Station Post Insulators
Porcelain Spool & Guy Strain Insulators
Porcelain LV & HV Pintype Insulators
Porcelain Suspension Insulators
Porcelain Line-Post Insulators
Switchgear Insulators

Porcelain Bushings

Porcelain BushingWe offer a complete line of porcelain bushings and bushing assemblies for transformer, switchgear, capacitor (2 flute to 14 flute) and special power apparatus applications. These durable, reliable bushings are high-quality porcelain designed to offer years of maintenance-free service.

Our Porcelain Bushing product line include:

Porcelain Transformer & Switchgear Bushings
Porcelain Circuit Breaker Bushings
Porcelain Capacitor Bushings

For bushing assemblies, we offer a number of products for low and high
voltage. Please inquire about our various sizes and applications.

To find out more and request a quote:

Call Josh Link 513-947-2537 or

Call Shawn Hall 513-947-2530 or