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Free Flier V

The FF-5 was the first plastic publication stand to have anchor points molded in and a permanent area in the bottom to add ballast. The box also has 3 slots for dividers in every tier for greater versatility (each pocket holds either 2 magazines or 3 digest). Our innovative rain gutter keeps publication dry with no secondary rain guards needed.

***Minimum order qty is 3; Minimum order qty is 15 for the following colors: Magenta, Purple, Teal, CU Blue, and all Granites***

Color Chart
Paper Compartment Lexan Window (a) Front Panel Label (B) Rear Panel Label (E) Side Panel Label (C)
Height: 13 1/4 Height: 11 1/2 Height: Height: 12 Height: 10
Width: 18 Width: 17 3/8 Width: Width: 20 Width: 12 1/2
Depth: 12

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Range Color Decal Price Amount Add
3-25 $197.74
26-50 $195.74
51-100 $194.74
101-250 $192.74

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